Thursday, October 1, 2009

Birth Control Options

The only birth control method that prevents STD's and is 100% effective is abstinence. however, that may not be an option for everyone and there is no one solution that fits everyone's needs.

The most important thing you can do is research all the methods and find one that works for you. We've developed this guide to help you through this process as there are many available options.

If you are having sex and do not use one of these methods the odds are that you will get pregnant within a year. Unwanted pregnancies are at epidemic levels and in most cases can be prevented. 50% of the sexually active couples in the United States do not use any form of birth control and with so many available options there most likely is something that will work for both you and your partner.

Why are so many couples not using birth control? We ask ourselves that question frequently and it is our belief that most couples don't know that there are so many options out there. Here are some examples of the misconceptions that we've heard over the years:

  • - My partner hates the feel of a condom.
A condom is the only proven method to reduce the spread of STI's and should be used for those who have multiple partners but there are alternatives which can not be felt by either partner.
  • I used to use the Pill but I am concerned with the health risks and other side effects.

There are many options out there which do not require hormones and have little or no impact on the feeling between you and your partner.

  • I've tried the Pill, condoms and spermicide and none of them worked for me.
There are many different types and manufacturers of most methods with different materials and levels of the active ingredients so even though you have not found something that works for you doesn't necessarily mean that there is not something out there that will work for you.

This birth control options section is designed to help you find something that will ultimately work for you and we invite you to join our monthly newsletter for important information about Women's reproductive health.

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